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10th May 2019
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Our specific projects on hospitality

Case Study 1
This study was a usage and attitude study carried out for a brand. The objective of brand was to improve its services and position itself as a top notch budget brand catering with focused services in leisure and business segments. Brand wanted to conduct a study in selected tier 2 and tier 3 cities amongst the leisure and business travelers to understand the kind of changes brought about in their travel plans and boarding/ lodging arrangements due to recession. We studied the profile of customers visiting these cities; their frequency and reason of visits; whether their choice of boarding/ lodging has been impacted due to recession; criterion of hotel selection; prevalent mode of bookings; customer sentiments regarding various offerings of client hotel vs competition was explored; issues driving these sentiments were analyzed and services were benchmarked Findings were used by the brand to identify hooks to differentiate itself among competition as value brand that understand the customer sentiments and design its products and offerings to maximize comfort in affordable costing. Its entire communication was then designed to resonate with customer mindset.

Case Study 2
Historically, hotels have been somewhat wary of the evolution of the Internet as the predominant reputation platform for measuring the guest experience. This hesitancy was rooted in the assump¬tion that only those guests who had a negative experience would post their comments. However, research shows that today’s social customers are increasingly sharing the full range of their hotel experiences, both positive and negative. Hence the objective of research was to analyze the customer sentiments on publicly available twitter conversations and tender a bi monthly high level sentiment report to client. In addition to high level sentiment, sentiments associated with specific attributes of hotel are also covered.